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Token Linked Employee Bonus Plan

Disclaimer The following is draft of a possible plan to provide employees with the benefits of Token ownership without having to deal with distributing ownership before Network Launch, IRC Section 83 or IRC Section 409A. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated. [COMPANY NAME] TOKEN LINKED BONUS PLAN 1)      Purpose .   a)       [COMPANY NAME] (the “ Company ”) hereby establishes the Token Linked Bonus Plan (the “ Plan ”) to enhance the ability of the Company to reward the historic contribution of certain employees and other service providers and to attract and retain highly skilled and competent executives, employees and contractors and to induce such individuals to exert their utmost efforts in furtherance of the business of the Company by the payment of bonuses designed to imitate the benefits of owning [TokenName] (“ Tokens ”) as described herein. b)      The structure of the Plan is a cash bonus plan designed to avoid adverse treatm