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Optimizing your structure further


I had a new thought the other day about setting up vehicles for promoters of new token networks.

As a starting place, assume there are 3 places that Tokens in your network can go:
You can give them back to your founders / early investors;You can sell them through SAFTs or Token sales for fiat or other crypto currencies that you then use to fund operations and possibly distributions to your shareholders; andYou can give them away either in an airdrop, to miners, to some kind of non-profit or simply to early adopters. I have been focused on maximizing the value to the founders and early investors -- which is why I've generally proposed that you set up an LLC HoldCo and deposit with it ~30% of the tokens (see

However, I have realized that there is an opportunity to increase that value further.

First (and simplest), you could retain a larger percentage of the network tokens in the LLC HoldCo.  Th…